Slow Food Saddleback to award more Snails

Adam Walmsley of Buena Vista Farm, one of last year’s Snail recipients

Celia Wade, the convenor of Slow Food Saddleback, is hoping that even more local food producers and outlets will qualify to be awarded its Snail of Approval in 2020.

Last year was the first time that the internationally recognised award system was introduced to our region.

“We hope that our Snails of Approval will become a deciding factor in people’s food choices, just as they are overseas,” says Celia.

“Locals and visitors can be confident that where they see the Snail of Approval logo they are assured of the Good, Clean and Fair food championed by the Slow Food movement.

“The recipients are protecting biodiversity and aiming for sustainability in their endeavours, while producing delicious food.”

Nominees are put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure the integrity of their operations.

Last year, nine businesses that provide food in the Kiama region, including through the Kiama Farmers’ Markets, were recognised.

This year, Slow Food Saddleback is extending its scope north to cover food providers in the Illawarra.

“We are encouraging people to self-nominate or to nominate businesses they know would qualify,” says Celia.

“Let’s encourage those doing good things.”

Details: Nominations can be made online at until Friday 20 March

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