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The Bugle was established by Cathy and Steve Law in 2014 to provide a vibrant community newspaper for the upper South Coast of NSW, centred around Kiama.

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3 responses to “Get in touch

  1. Dear Cathy,
    Thank you for your publication. In regards to your recent article, “BOARDWALK COSTS BLOW OUT TO $9.5M” and the following comment;-

    “In strongly defending the Boardwalk, Cllr Way pointed to the recent IRIS Resident Satisfaction Survey that showed 70 per cent support the Boardwalk, the highest approval rating for any project”.

    Are you able to advise the number of people surveyed in this IRIS Resident Satisfaction Survey.

    The reason for my question is due to comments made to me at the 4/3/19, Council Community Meeting held at the Golf Club, that the number surveyed was less than 600. I found this a little hard to believe.

    Your advise on this matter would be helpful and appreciated.

    Regards, David Evans


    • Dave, See page 3 of that edition, which says that 500 people were surveyed. This is a number the consultant statisticians say is statistically reliable. The whole survey is available on Council’s website. Hope this helps. Cathy


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