Gerringong’s bank progressing ahead

The Gerringong Community Bank Steering Committee reports it is continuing to work closely with Bendigo Bank to determine the best model to see bank services back in Gerringong in the shortest time frame possible.

Steering Committee Chair, Sandra McCarthy is confident that over the coming weeks the right model will be agreed. All efforts will then turn to identifying a suitable location for the branch, recruiting staff and confirming the opening date.

“I am pleased with the progress made, particularly over the past few weeks.

“Our relationship with Bendigo Bank continues to strengthen and we are seeing great support from all levels of Bendigo to get community banking up and running in Gerringong.”

In acknowledging the progress, Sandra also recognised that some compromises would potentially be needed, to have banking services in the near term.

“We are considering all possible options to move as quickly as possible. This may mean that we will have to compromise in the short term in some areas, such as the number of days the branch is open.

“We’re doing all we can to get the best possible result for our community and look forward to communicating a successful outcome in the coming weeks.”


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