Give your ideas for a better Kiama CBD

If you didn’t have the time to attend the community workshops on the future of Kiama’s town centre, then the good news is you have until 20 November to give your comments online.

The urban design consultants, Studio GL, are utilising an easy-to-use web site that allows you to pinpoint areas of concern or ideas you have for improvements.

This will be added to the views gathered at the community and business consultation workshops. It will help provide a fuller picture of the challenges and opportunities of the designated area by providing a broad insider’s perspective on the Kiama Town Centre.

“We are keen to encourage people to go onto Social Pinpoint and contribute to the Kiama Town Centre Master Plan,” says Studio GL’s Diana Griffiths.

“The idea is that Social Pinpoint will provide insights into what it’s like to use the Town Centre.

“We want to know what are the Town Centre’s assets, what are things about it that people love, what are the things that could be improved?

“Past experience has taught us that providing an online tool allows a broader group in the community to engage with us.

“The process, becomes a shared conversation where people can see, and be inspired by, other’s comments.”

Comments posted are shown online (without showing the name of the person posting), so others can like or disagree with it.

Ms Griffiths says she has found tools like this one very helpful in identifying:

  • buildings and landmarks people love and places people like to spend time
  • intersections or pedestrian crossings that are unsafe or difficult to use
  • what the place is like at different times of day or at certain times of the year
  • ideas on how the centre could be improved.

Details: To give your views, go to


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