Co-sharing workspaces suit modern businesses

With technology allowing people to work wherever they are, and the growth of the gig economy worldwide, our lifestyle and proximity to Sydney is luring more and more established professionals to the area.

As someone who made the move eight years ago and has managed to transform her lifestyle, Kate Dezarnaulds says she is evangelical about the benefits.

“I keep telling my friends to move south and have a fabulous life and career.”

She’s kept her busy career in business development for festivals, events, arts
organisations and not-for-profits, for the likes of TEDxSydney, and last year she established WorkLife as a co-operative working space in Berry.

“Sometimes working at home isn’t a very productive place,” she says.

“WorkLife provides a professional environment where people can work on their own businesses or independently in senior level roles for others.

“Typically, the businesses and outlooks are not just about servicing the local economy, but are about delivering services and outcomes all over the place.”

Seeing a need for this sort of facility in Kiama, Kate finally located a suitable space in Collins St, and has fitted it out as a modern office environment.

“I feel there is a real energy here that is only going to get stronger. I’m planning to move here myself!”



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