Member leaves Spin legacy to Kiama Leisure Centre

Kiama Leisure Centre has officially opened its new Spin Studio, named in honour of the late Roger Weir.spinroomlaunch1

Mayor Mark Honey says building the new Spin Studio had been made possible thanks to a significant donation.

“Roger was a long time member and regular user of the Leisure Centre facilities, especially the spin classes we provide,” Mayor Honey said at the opening.

“He approached Leisure Centre staff in 2014 about leaving a bequest to the Leisure Centre upon his passing.

“Roger wanted the money to go towards improving the experience for other users of the Centre, rather than simply for day-to-day running costs.

“We decided to invest the funds in a dedicated spin room, given Roger’s enthusiasm for the classes.”

Instructor Sharon Hay, who led spin classes with Mr Weir, says the studio is a welcome upgrade.

“We previously had to share space with the aerobics classes. So spin participants would have to move their bikes into place at the start of class and then remove them afterwards.

“The new studio provides a specialised room for 30 bikes, with a raised dais for the class instructor and PA system.”

The Kiama Leisure Centre now offers 11 spin classes a week, including spin, spin express and group ride classes.

Mr Weir passed away in March 2015, aged 61. His sister, Ruth Dimitrievich, joined Clr Honey in officially opening the Roger Weir Spin Studio in mid-December.



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