Rome calls KiKi and Pascale

img_8364Imagine the scene at 2am in Kiama Heights when Dave Evans and Tamara Campbell get a call from the producers of Tú Sí Que Vales, Italy’s most popular tv talent show, asking for their alter egos, Kiki Bittovabitsch and Pascale, to come over to compete on the show.

The pair’s Paper Dance, which has been a perennial hit for them at the Kiama Kabaret, had caught the show’s attention.

The dance, which involves their modesty being protected by an ever shrinking piece of paper, went over so well they were chosen to go through to the next round.

“We don’t think we’ll go back though,” says Dave. “It was such a crazy thing to spend 48 hours in the air, 47 hours in Italy and be on TV for three minutes.”

Apart from being the driving force being Kiama’s KISS Arts Festival, the pair are in constant demand for festivals both throughout Australia and overseas. “We spend three to six months of the year performing at European festivals,” explains Dave.

The next adults only Kabaret Kabaret will be on the evening before the KISS Arts Festival, 29-30 April. Don’t miss it this time.



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