All out for building repairs

Following their victory in a six year battle in the Supreme Court, the owners’ corporation of 87 Manning St has commenced 7-8 months of repair work on the apartment building overlooking Surf Beach.

2015-11-19 12.32.12“The bones of the building are good,” says strata manager Tom Gablonski of Regional Strata NSW.

“But there is so much structural repair work to be done, such as repairing cracks, waterproofing etc, that the best thing to do was vacate the units.”

Scheduling the work in an efficient way would have been much more difficult with people in residence.

He is putting off his retirement to see the matter through to completion.

There are twenty-four apartments in the building, most of which are owned
by investors.

The home owner’s warranty claim was for structural defects originating in its construction ten years ago by Kraljevo builders.

It is understood that another building built by them in Kiama also suffered serious problems.

The ground floor restaurant, Olive & Vine, is not affected by the repairs and continues to operate as usual.

The repair work is being undertaken by local builder, Talon Constructions.



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