Go ahead for urban design competition

Councillor Mark Honey and Strategic Planner Kim Bray

Councillor Mark Honey and Strategic Planner Kim Bray

What would central Kiama look like if its current ad hoc approach to development was replaced by a clear vision of where it was heading? Imagine what could replace the Council’s Administration Centre if it moved from its prime site?

Councillor Mark Honey is excited that Council has endorsed a visionary idea by the Economic Development Committee to hold an urban design competition.

“Other towns that have launched such competitions have had great success in generating ideas and solutions of great value to them,” says Kim Bray, Council’s Manager of Strategic Planning.

Both Honey and Bray are on a sub-committee that will now design and draft the scope of the competition to rethink the Kiama East precinct. They will be joined by Sandy Rendel (who suggested the idea), Patrick Mahedy and Council’s Economic Development Manager Megan Hutchison.

The Kiama East precinct includes the harbour, and the area east of the railway line and south to Bong Bong St.

“The idea is to come up with a masterplan for the area so that any future development builds towards the vision we want to achieve,” explains Councillor Honey.

The sub-committee will now establish the parameters of the competition by Christmas so the competition can be launched early in the year. It is already understood the parameters will include a cost neutral relocation of Council to another location and protection of heritage aspects of the area, including the showground.

With a masterplan also being needed for the town centre, it is possible that the competition may be extended to cover the whole of the Kiama CBD.



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