Kiama Tourism to get more back-up funding

In September 2014, Kiama Council opted to take $157,000 out of its contribution to Kiama Tourism and use this money, and more, to appoint its own Strategic Tourism Manager.

Since that time, Council has relented on its hard line stance and gave an extra $25,000 in funding to Kiama Tourism. After the November Council meeting, it seems it is necessary for Council to extend further, as yet unspecified, funding to the industry body to ensure its survival.

Councillor Reilly, who moved the mot-ion, explains his about turn, “For this area, tourism is the biggest, most profitable and important industry. Previous issues between Council and the Board of Tourism have, in my view, been resolved. Now is the time to act in a positive way to support this most vital industry.”

Jamie Warren, Chair of the board of Kiama Tourism welcomes the move, “Kiama Tourism has achieved a great deal over the past twelve months and we are all working extremely hard to ensure we achieve the best results possible for tourism in our region.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Kiama Council and sincerely thank it for this additional support.”





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