New logo for Council

Kiama councillors have rebelled against the recommendation of staff by voting 7:2 (Cllrs Rice and Sloan against) to adopt the well- established Kiama ‘wave’ graphic as the Municipality’s new logo.

For over a year, Council staff have been working on a comprehensive analysis of Council’s brand, its management and its marketing effectiveness.

The review showed that very few of the more than 16 associated brands are aligned with the master brand through visual identity. This brand weakness means that many in the community are unaware of some of the key services and events provided by Council’s facilities and business units.

As part of this process, which to date has cost $46,500, staff decided against rebranding to a new logo given the lack of consensus for the change and to take the opportunity in these tight times to save the $75,000 it would have cost.

Instead, further work has gone into the refinement of the existing flag logo, including changing it from three colours to dark blue and white. The report says the colours were changed when the website revamp identified the original colours weren’t up to Australian standards for accessibility.

Councillor Neil Reilly says his motion put an end to months of unsuccessful discussions on a brand identity for Kiama Council.

“The use of our current flag logo is fragmented and redundant,” says Cllr Reilly.

“It is neither emblematic of our service to the community, our area or our council.

“Current use of the logo as white reversed out of a dark background renders it even less representative. In fact, a white flag is the international symbol of surrender… not at all the spirit of this community.”

Originally developed by Simpsons Signs, the ‘wave’ logo is currently used by Destination Kiama, after the design was gifted to the Council by the business.

The decision to adopt the ‘wave’ is contrary to the recommendation by staff, whose report expressed concern it is not representative of the whole LGA and was more aimed at visitors than locals.

Cllr Reilly believes the logo’s “bubbly charm” has allowed it to endure for decades in Kiama.

“The letterforms remain legible, there’s basically nothing else that looks like it, it holds up in all production techniques and above all else it is approachable and lets you know you’re about to have a good time in the best place on earth.”

Council’s General Manager, Kerry McMurray, says, “Councillors have passed a resolution and staff will now investigate how it can be implemented.

“It would require $75,000 and there is no money for it in this budget.

“At the earliest, unless Council allocates funds to it, it will not happen until the 21/22 year.”

The resolution was “that Council approve, in principle, the ‘Kiama Wave’ logo as its master logo and begin the process of consultation on and implementation of the logo”.

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