$450,000 bill to lower Library roof

Rectification work on the Gerringong Library structural frame, to reduce its highest point by more than a metre to its approved height of 9.04 metres, is set to cost around $450,000.

How much of this will be borne by Council is currently subject to legal proceedings.

As such, the General Manager, Kerry McMurray, declined to comment on the matter.

At their June Meeting, Kiama councillors unanimously rejected a request to modify the consent after Council (as the applicant) discovered in late February that a design change to the pitch of the roof by the architect had resulted in the height of the largest building in the complex reaching 10.345 metres.

A report to that meeting said the private certifier was told by the architect that the construction certificate plans were consistent with the development approval.

When they made the decision not to allow the building to stay at that height, councillors also voted to seek compensation.

While a solution was being devised, work has continued on restoring the old School of Arts as the new museum (now virtually complete), and an interlinking building between it and the library.

Completion of the whole site, needed to hand it over, is now expected in June/July.

The $3.2 million Gerringong Library and Museum (GLaM) project has been funded by a $1.25 million Federal grant, money from the State Government and the rest by Council.

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