Survey to guide efforts to nurture mental health

In a short time, the Kiama & District Stronger Community initiative has gathered momentum and support from other community groups.
A large meeting at the Pavilion, also broadcast live and available to view at their website, shared information on programs that are already in place and benefited from people with first hand experiences sharing their insights.

Now Kiama & District Stronger Community is after input from as many locals as possible to guide its direction.

It has launched a survey aiming to better understand the current level of knowledge about, and support for, mental health problems within our whole community.

“The Kiama & District Stronger Community committee will use the feedback to help us shape a plan to support our community going forward,” says spokesperson Cherie Burton.

“To help change the course of poor mental wellbeing in our region, across all ages, but especially with our youth, we need to look out at least over the next three years and consider what must be different, if we want to create a cultural shift and build a caring, connected community.”

The survey will enable the committee to issue a calendar of events based on the feedback, and create a base to measure improvements.

“While we as a community, are not sitting on our hands, we still have a long way to go if we want to change the course of mental health and wellbeing for all ages across our region,” says Ms Burton.

Fill out the survey at between now and 5 November

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