Minnamurra community transforms wasteland

From the actions of an individual just over thirty years ago, clearing the lantana across from his house, Minnamurra residents are enjoying the satisfaction and benefits of an ad hoc community greening of a tract of land just east of the railway line.

Over the years, more joined in ridding the area of lantana and other weeds and slowly began the process of building a garden the whole community is now proud of.

From its early beginnings on Railway Ave near Beach Street, it now stretches north from Minnamurra Station, right up to Charles Avenue. Residents south of the station are also joining in, to beautify that side.

There is no masterplan, no budget and no-one ‘in charge’, but it has worked.

Despite, or maybe because of, this anarchic method the garden has a great charm, with garden ‘rooms’ or themes, quirky sculptures, play areas and even a table
of knowledge.

“We all bring extra plants over from our gardens when they spring up or aren’t wanted, and place them where we think they will work,” says Coral Reilly.

“There is no water supply on that side of the road, so the plants have to have a will to live after a bit of TLC at the start.

“Council have been good to us, supplying the raw materials we need – mainly mulch and stones for the edges.

“We provide the labour and the love.”

The group’s numbers were bolstered during the lockdown, as people looked for things to do near home, and a way of connecting to the community.

All remark on the respect that the garden gets from locals and visitors.

“I think they appreciate the effort that has been made.”

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