First Traffic Study underway

Kiama Council is currently conducting a traffic study as part of the overall implementation of the recommendations of the Kiama Town Centre Study.

Director Engineering and Works, Mike Dowd, says it is the first time such a comprehensive study has been undertaken on traffic and parking in Kiama.

“The exciting part of this work is that it will provide us with our first proper traffic and parking model with baseline data showing current traffic and parking conditions.

“The study will capture traffic and parking information over a range of periods.”

The Town Centre Study was developed by Council, with extensive community involvement, to help balance growth in the Kiama town centre while also retaining its historic character.

A key community concern was traffic congestion and parking, especially in the busy summer tourist season.

“The work we’re doing now will help forecast our traffic and parking needs for the future,” says Mr Dowd.

“This will help plan a redeveloped and revitalised Kiama, which is the intention of the Town Centre Study.

“It will also predict what pedestrian, cycling and public transport systems will be required in the future.”

The traffic study was originally scheduled for earlier this year, but delayed due to the traffic downturn during the COVID-19 lockdown.

A report on the findings of the Traffic Study is expected before Christmas.

A Kiama Town Centre Economic Study has already been completed.

2 responses to “First Traffic Study underway

  1. Parking within Kiama shopping precinct is disgusting i prefer to shop elsewhere during weekends and holiday time due to traffic and parking problems. Parking station would be a huge advantage with multi levels. Kiama tourist industry has grown with many day trippers, also tourist towns have parking for RV Kiama has nothing available for RV or caravans. Also with the large amount of new developments and apartments occurring locals will not be able to utilise or support shopping centre.


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