Stay of removal for Gerringong’s Reverse Vending machine

Following strong support for keeping a Return & Earn machine at Gerringong, Kiama Council has given a two month extension on its removal from its present location at Jubilee Park.

As reported in our issue after the May Meeting, councillors voted to give the operator, Tomra Collections, a month’s notice.

Staff had failed to find a suitable alternative home after complaints about the noise and traffic generated by popularity of the mach-ine in a residential area.

The May Meeting asked the South Precinct to make location recommendations.

“Overwhelmingly the feedback is the community does not want the facility moved from Gerringong,” says Shane Douglas, Secretary of the South Precinct.

“A petition backed this up.”

The Precinct has suggested keeping it in its current location (or further back into the grounds), the top car park at Boat Harbour, industrial sites on Rawlins St or near the railway station.

Councillor Mark Westhoff, who championed the relocation, was unable to attend the June Meeting. He too wants to keep it in Gerringong, but wanted a location to be chosen more quickly.

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