The Bugle is here to stay

The Bugle’s Editor, Cathy Law

From the Editor:

Given the dreadful news of the closure of so many local newspapers around Australia, you need to know The Bugle is committed to continuing to provide a local news
service for the Kiama region.

In fact, we are on the cusp of expanding our service to the community in a new and exciting way. We’ll let you know of our plans in future issues.

The failed business models of the bigger publishers aren’t an indication people don’t want, or need, local news any more. In this crazy world it is more important than ever that we know what is going on where we live.

Other communities are in shock that they will no longer have access to local news.

Because local news matters.

Over almost six years, The Bugle has developed a reputation for being a ‘must read’, and this means we are a great way for local companies to advertise to the community.

Don’t forget that it is through their support that you are continuing to get your ‘free’ local news.

One response to “The Bugle is here to stay

  1. Thank You to Everyone concerned with The Bugle for keeping an Informative, well laid out publication which covers our beautiful area.
    Congratulations and keep them coming!!!!


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