Surf School stand-off

In March we reported on objections to Rusty Moran’s Gerringong Surf School using Zone A (the north end) of Seven Mile Beach for lessons.

On the issuing of DAs for all three surf schools, Mr Moran appealed to the Land & Environment Court on the restrictive conditions. A hearing is set for February.

Here follows the latest statements from both parties.

Kiama Council:
Kiama Council has issued two short term licences for surf schools at Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa.

The licences have been issued to: Surf Camp Australia Pty Ltd and Lands Edge Foundation.

The third applicant, Gerringong Surf School, has elected to not sign their licence.

The recent Gerringong Surf School permit is no longer operable and as such they have no approval to use the crown reserve for their activities.

Council is now seeking legal advice regarding its options as land manager.

Gerringong Surf School is separately challenging Council’s determination of the development application approval to operate at Seven Mile Beach in the Land and Environment Court.

This has no bearing on Council issuing the new short term licence.

Rusty Moran:
Gerringong Surf School have relied on Council stating in 2018 that we could use a permit until a Licence was granted and that a Licence could only be issued when a valid development consent was in place.

There is still no development consent in place as my application is before the Court.

Lessons have been booked, kids are excited, parents are happy, and our local MP is very happy. The only persons unhappy are a few petulant residents using the pied oyster catcher as the trojan horse for what I understand to be their real agenda – emptying the beach to improve their million dollar views.

The real question about legality is on Council. Unelected officers of the Council have flip flopped on the earlier commitment to allow us to run under a permit, and are now strong arming a small business under economic duress to enter a licence without a development consent in place.

They’ve also unfairly advantaged the other surf school’s whose clients (backpackers etc) prefer the conditions down the beach where they can operate all year around.

If Council get their way, it jeopardises summer learn to surf programs in the safest part of the beach for our local children, PTSD veterans, refugees and kids with autism.

Note: Gareth Ward MP declined to comment further, after his appearance with Mr Moran on WIN News.

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