Get up close to our local 747

HARS Aviation Museum is now offering three different exclusive tours of its 747-400 on its monthly Tarmac Days.

The City of Canberra was the first Boeing 747-400 to enter service with Qantas and set a world record by flying 18,012 km non-stop from London to Sydney in a time of 20hr 9min 5sec. On its retirement in 2015 Qantas donated it to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS), which runs the Museum. The tours are:

Wing Walk Experience
This walk will take you to about 16 metres along the right wing where your guide will explain many aspects of the aircraft components and operation. 10-3pm, $65 (inc Museum entry). Book on day.

The Total Boeing 747 Experience
This four hour tour (including a personalised tour of the full HARS Museum) begins with a brief audio-visual presentation followed by a tour of the entire aircraft, including the cabin and galleys, crew rest areas, avionics bay, the forward cargo hold and a detailed inspection of the cockpit in the company of a 747 expert. $195 per person with a maximum of four persons per tour (bookings essential)

747 Cockpit Experience
An experienced 747 pilot will explain the cockpit in detail and run through the many procedures required to mount a typical operation. $100 per person (inc Museum entry) with a maximum of two persons (bookings essential)

Details: The next Tarmac Days are 8-10 November. Book on 4257 4333.

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