Kiama youth join call for action

In the lead-up to the march in Wollongong as part of the Global Climate Strike, Kiama children of all ages took up the invitation to paint their protest signs at WorkLife Kiama.

“My kids went to the Climate March earlier in the year in Nowra and came home full of passion and purpose,” says WorkLife’s Kate Dezarnaulds.

“They made friends across the generations and relished the chance to stand up and be counted.

“In the lead up to the big march on Friday, they wanted to find a way to engage many more of their friends to march with them.

“The DIY banner making workshop was their big idea and I’m delighted to be able to support them.”

While she usually tries to keep her politics to herself, Kate believes that it is time for everyone to play a role.

“The science is certain and the need is acute. This time it felt ok to stick my head above the parapet, and do something constructive.

“I can’t wait for the day when this issue is beyond politics and we can all stand together and do what is needed to secure a safe future on this planet for future generations.”

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