Courtesy parking system expanded

In giving their approval for the Kiama Farmers’ Market to stay at Surf Beach, Kiama councillors moved to double the number of courtesy parking spots outside the medical centres and pharmacy across the road.

The signs, which have been working well for over a year, encourage people to leave those eight parking spots for patients and customers that need easy access.

Council does not have the authority to reserve public car parking, so the system relies on the goodwill of drivers to save the parking bays for those who need them most.

“There is plenty of parking nearby at the Showground that is just a quick walk from the Market,” says pharmacist Todd Marion.

“I think it says a lot about the Kiama community that they have taken this initiative to heart.

“I know that it is really appreciated by those who find it difficult to walk very far, but have no choice but to come here on a Wednesday afternoon.”

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