Kiama Meals on Wheels turning 50 next year

For almost 50 years, volunteers for Kiama Meals on Wheels (KMW) have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver an invaluable service to the elderly living independently within our community.

KMW Manager Joanne North with Life Members Ann Dawes and Shirley Kellet

“People really appreciate the personal contact when their meals are delivered,” said Joanne North, KMW’s Manager, at a morning tea to thank the volunteers.

“A University of Wollongong assessment found that the greatest outcome of our service was the social impact of knowing someone was coming.

“Remaining connected with the community through the volunteer contact has a real impact on people’s daily lives.”

Ann Dawes was one of the founding volunteers for KMW in 1970, and at 80 she is still delivering meals to those who need them.

“Pat Bone, a retired nurse, started it as she could see the need within the community for people to get regular nutritious meals,” she says.

“Originally we got the meals from the hospital, but over the years we had meals made for us by the Brighton Hotel, the Leagues Club and the Bowling Club.

“The whole community was right behind it.”

For the last 15 years, the Kiama meals have been prepared by Flagstaff Fine Foods in Wollongong, which is itself a social enterprise providing employment to people with disabilities.

Their kitchens produce 3,500-4,000 frozen meals per day, which are distributed across the state.

“Meals on Wheels has been a great thing to be involved with,” says Ann.

“People not only get a good meal, but they get to have a chat and know the community cares about them.”

The 50th anniversary is going to be marked with a luncheon at the Pavilion on 15 August 2020.

If you or your family have a connection with KMW and would like to attend, get in contact on the number below.

Details: Kiama Meals on Wheels is always looking for more volunteers to help with delivery – 4232 3735 or

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