Brown breached Code of Conduct

Councillor Matt Brown, in his role as Chair of Destination Kiama

An independent investigation into allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct by Councillor Matt Brown when he was in Townsville, representing Kiama at a tourism conference, has concluded the breaches occurred.

A confidential session of the May Council meeting accepted the findings and adopted the recommendations of the report, which require Cllr Brown to undertake a ‘training period’ for the rest of his term, and ban him from attending any more conferences.

The report, which will remain confidential, found that his arrest for drug possession brought “Council or holders of civic office into disrepute”; he acted in a way that is “detrimental to the pursuit of the charter of Council”; and he acted in a way that “is improper or unethical”.

After the incident, Cllr Brown sought medical treatment for his addiction issues, before returning to his role at Council.

Council is to refer the matter to the Office of Local Government for possible further action under the misconduct provisions.



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