Meet the woman bringing interesting ideas to Kiama

Naima Brown

What does a woman who has worked as an academic and journalist in the Middle East, an NBC journalist in New York and a TV producer for shows like Dateline and The Bachelor in Sydney do when she comes to Kiama?

Uses her experience and contacts to start a series of live conversations, under the banner of her Institute of Interesting Ideas.

“When I decided to move to Kiama full time last November, I wrote down the things I was going to miss about working in television and the things I wasn’t going to miss,” says Naima Brown.

“In the column of what I was going to miss was being a part of big conversations with interesting people from all walks of life that challenge me and expand my horizons.

“I thought that is something I could do here, as my way of offering something to my new community.”

The Institute of Interesting Ideas’ first series of events will feature speakers as diverse as Melissa Doyle and astronomer Professor Alan Duffy.

“I love the experience of people in a big room sharing their experiences live, and the energy that brings,” says Naima.

“I want it to be a deep and meaningful exchange, not just a one way talk.”

She thinks Kiama is the perfect place to hold evenings like these.

“Everyone I’ve met here has been an engaged and interesting person, who I have no doubt will want to be part of these conversations.

“I see it as a way of celebrating Kiama, and encourage everyone to try something new and be part of it.”

She’d love to get suggestions from the community about speakers or topics they would like included.

Details: The first conversation is with Melissa Doyle on 28 June, at the Pavilion. Tickets $65/$55 from
20% discount for Bugle readers using the code: BugleKiama



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