Call to stop fill trucks using Riverside Drive

Boral plans to fill the back of its quarry to the second terrace level, and taper it down to the east

Bombo resident Eric McAuley is calling on the State Government to ensure that Boral is able to deliver the fill it needs to rehabilitate its Bombo quarry via the Sydney Trains quarry access point.

If this access via the roundabout exit from the highway at North Bombo is not used, Boral will have to use its existing access in Panama St.

“I don’t think people realise this will mean that over 100 trucks full of rock will be coming down from Sydney each day, throughout the day, for at least five years,” he says.

“Instead of turning right when they exit the highway, they will be turning left and travelling down Riverside Drive, under the overpass and on to Panama St.

“This is a sloping curving road with a difficult camber.

“The noise and dust from the trucks is going to be unbearable.”

He’s also worried that an accident will block access to the residential area.

Mr McAuley says Boral has told him that if trains are used to move the fill, they will operate between midnight and 6am, so as not to interfere with passenger timetables.

“If the trains are used, there will be at least one big one at night.

“There are so many people whose sleep will be affected by this, over years.

“We have to get it on the road, and delivered through the Sydney Trains’ site.”

As reported in the last Bugle, the fill is to come from infrastructure tunnelling work being done in Sydney.

Boral is to lodge its application, to modify its existing consent to allow it to bring material onto the site for the rehabilitation, in mid-March.

Community information sessions will be held during the exhibition period.

“We’d like to have the consent by the end of the financial year and potentially start getting the material by the end of 2019,” says project’s manager, James Belford.

A spokesman for Sydney Trains said, “Sydney Trains recognises community concerns regarding access to the former commercial quarry site.

“We are negotiating with the commercial quarry’s owner on the possibility of providing access for their remedial work.”


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