Jamberoo Valley mega-mansion back for Council consideration

Due to proceedings challenging Council’s initial rejection being commenced in the Land & Environment Court, a $13.3 million DA for land opposite the Jamberoo Action Park has been relodged.

The assessment process has recommenced for the integrated development, which includes demolition of the existing dairy, a new principal dwelling, a secondary dwelling, five cabins for farmstay accommodation, an educational building, sheds and associated roadworks.

The principal dwelling is over four levels, with 3340m2 of floor area.

At the time of its original lodgement, the Jamberoo Ratepayers & Residents Association strongly opposed the development largely because of its size and the loss of prime agricultural land.

The proposed development is on a 150 acre property, which was sold in July 2016 for $1.775 million.

More details on Council’s DA Tracker website.


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