Gerringong mothers support CMRI work

Gwennie Wishart holding baby Dylan Horner, the youngest of Peta Horner’s three children

For 59 years, the women of CMRI Gerringong have been raising funds for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Their next big fundraiser will be their very popular Mother’s Day weekend High Tea and Fashion Parade.

The fashion parade is being designed to showcase fashions to appeal to all ages from Annalou, Beyond the Beach and Bombo Clothing. CMRI members Kate Quinn, Gwen Wishart, Greer Fulton, Maggie Simmons, Katie Wicks, Belinda Wall and Georgia Wall will be the models at the event.

The High Tea, featuring a delicious assortment of homemade delights that CMRI is famous for, is always a big attraction.

There will be a multi-draw raffle for prizes made possible by a very supportive local business community.

ProCan just one of the projects the funds raised will support. CMRI scientists will study 70,000 cancers over the next five years, so that cancers will be able to be analysed within 36 hours and compared to the vast store of information collected.

The best treatment option for each individual patient will then be able to be chosen, with fewer side effects.

Apart from accidents, the leading cause of death in children 4-14 is cancer.

Details: Sat 12 May,
Gerringong Town Hall,
2-4pm, $30. Tickets from Cronin’s Liquor

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