Give Footgolf a go

Jamberoo Golf Club is once again hosting the Footgolf Australian Open, and this year a new competition has been added to encourage local players to compete.

Footgolf has the same rules as golf, but is played with a soccer ball and a 53cm cup on different courses within the golf club. The aim of the Game is to take the least number of kicks to get the ball into the hole.

“Like golf, the challenge is in judging the lie of the land,” says Suzanne Paul, one of the Club’s directors. “We’ve been offering the new sport for over a year.
It is a great way to get young people out on the courses and introduce them to the skills of golf.

“We regularly get 40 or more players out over each day of the weekend, which is great for our Club.”

Five of the top 25 players in the world will show their skills during the Australian Open, which was also held in Jamberoo last year.

“We have the best 18 hole Footgolf course in Australia,” says Mrs Paul.

“The Australian players have been honing their skills and are capable of beating the visitors this time. It will be great for spectators to watch.”

On the same weekend, the new Elders Cup is being played, to encourage new players. Teams of four will fight it out, over one or two days, for $1000 in prize money, with their best three scores counting.

“The Cup has been designed especially for locals, with no international or Australians with a ranking being eligible to enter,” says Mrs Paul.

Details: 11-12 November, 11-3pm. To register to play in the Cup (1 day $25; 2 days $50) or enquire about playing any other time, call 42360404. More details at


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