Ward supports Iluka Reserve petition

Save Iluka Reserve campaigner David Connelly is heartened Gareth Ward MP has made his opposition to the proposal clear in a recent letter to Council’s General
Manager, following the lodging of a petition with his office.

The proposal by Council to sell off nine residential blocks on the northern side of the reserve, and use some of the funds to upgrade the reserve’s amenity, has been approved at Gateway to go through the process necessary to change its status to operational land.

In the letter, Mr Ward said “I would ask you convey to Council my strong support for residents who are opposed to the sale of Iluka Reserve.

“Public open space is at a premium in our community. This petition demonstrates strong opposition and I share this view with residents.”

To those looking in, the process is in limbo until the fleshed out plans are put on exhibition as part of the Gateway process.

Mr Connelly, with the support of Councillor Neil Reilly, contends that, as Iluka has never been included in the Kiama Urban Strategy, “Council will be creating a precedent in breaking its own urban strategy.”

Mayor Mark Honey disagrees. “Land doesn’t have to be in the Urban Strategy to be considered for development. That parcel of land has been identified for a long time as potential development area, and the sale will result in a many more people using the park,” he says.


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