Cedar Grove II: Access to be put to the test

A motion by Councillor Warren Steel, which sought to encourage the efforts of an adjacent landholder to find a way to create a second entrance for Cedar Grove II, failed to pass at the May Council Meeting.

The sticking point for many councilors is the solution being mooted, which still has a number of engineering challenges and would need RMS approval, would require the rezoning of land outside of the gazetted boundaries of the town (the Kiama Urban Strategy).

While councilors disagree as to whether a second entrance is needed for the new hilltop estate, vocal local resident Mike Yalden is more convinced than ever that the single entrance is not sufficient.

Now that the estate has been completed, and people are looking to build, he is concerned that the traffic figures do not take into account the amount of dual occupancy that will occur.

“The estate is desperately in need of a second entry. If something happens everyone on the estate is going to be marooned,” he says. “Councilors will be personally responsible.”

Phil Costello, Council’s head of planning, said, “The engineering standards associated with the project were assessed and found to comply with all of the requirements.”




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