Street Library for Jamberoo

Jamberoo is now has a Street Library, installed by the Council as a community asset where people can share their love of reading. The initiative was prompted by Councillor Neil Reilly’s call for this world-wide movement of book sharing to be encouraged in our area.

Kiama’s Head Librarian Michelle Hudson says Kiama Library is fortunate to have many books donated each year, and the best of these have been used to kick off the Street Library.

“We hope the Jamberoo Street Library will foster a love of reading and encourage our community to take a book and leave a book, create a cycle of generosity and allow people to share the love of reading with those around them,” she says.

The weatherproof bookshelves are located between the IGA and the RSL Hall. The initiative now belongs to the community, and have a life of its own as people borrow and share books on an honour system.

There are already 100 registered street libraries throughout Australia. The website gives their location, along with information on how to install your own street library. Some people have put them in their front gardens.


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