Opportunity to play a role in shaping Kiama

If you have a special interest or experitise, and want to make a contribution to our community’s welfare and development, there may a role for you on one of Kiama Council’s many consultative committees.

“Committee work is an essential part of local government, allowing detailed consideration of the huge range of matters that come before Council,” says
Council’s General Manager Michael Forsyth.

“As such, members need to be community-minded and have the skills, expertise and time to contribute to this important work.”

Nine committees are being re-established following the September local government elections.

“The new Council resolved at its October meeting to align the terms of most committees with the terms of the Council itself.

“We are inviting nominations from previous members and other residents who want to make a contribution to their community.”

The terms of reference for each Committee are available from Council or from its website. They cover its purpose, objectives, responsibilities, selection criteria and more. For example, the new, overarching Planning Committee’s purpose is to:
provide a forum for communication between Council, the community and relevant sectoral groups in regard to planning issues that impact on the development and safety of our communities. Through this communicative process the committee will review strategy, policy and actions to ensure that the objectives and outcomes reflect expectations and recommend to Council accordingly.

Given Mayor Mark Honey’s focus on planning issues during the election, it is likely this committee will have some interesting work to do that will have a lasting impact on our LGA.

Over the years the Kiama Walking Tracks & Cycleway Committee has made many recommendations that have been adopted by Council, resulting in
improvements to the network of paths throughout the Municipality.

The Kiama Cultural Board is another committee that is set to be busy this year, given an architect is working on concept plans for the long awaited Kiama Arts Precinct.Its purpose is to: act in an advisory capacity to council on cultural matters, encourage artistic practice and participation within the Kiama local government area, and advocate to and for Council on artistic and cultural matters.

Expression of Interest (EOI) forms and the Terms of Reference of the committees are available from:
www.kiama.nsw.gov.au/home/committees or from the Council Chambers.
The completed EOI must be lodged before 4pm, Friday 6 January 2017. Lodgement methods are detailed on the forms.

Council is seeking members for the following committees:

  • Access Advisory Committee
  • Companion Animal Management Advisory Committee
  • Estuary & Floodplain Management Committee
  • Kiama Cultural Board
  • Kiama Health & Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • Kiama Walking Tracks & Cycleway Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Seniors’ Week Committee
  • Streets & Reserves Naming Committee

Committee members will be selected based on:

  • strong community connections
  • expertise in the area/fields related to the committee
  • being a resident in the Kiama LGA.





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