Kiama Probus Choir plays the Great Hall

Proving that sometimes all you’ve got to do is ask, the Kiama Men’s Probus Choir is heading off to Canberra to sing at Parliament House.

“We have a trip each year,” says Ken Jefferies, “And when I suggested going to Canberra I thought it would be great to sing at Parliament House.

“I got in touch with them, saying we’d be happy to sing anywhere, and was told we could have the Great Hall.”

So at 11am on Thursday 3 November, 37 members of the Choir, under the baton of Wendy Leatheam and with piano by Stephen Leatheam and Michael Maude, will be singing their favourites for an hour in the heart of Australian democracy.

“Dennis Koks has done a great job getting publicity for us in Canberra, but I don’t care if no-one comes to listen,” says Ken. “It will be such a thrill to sing in such an important room. All sorts of people will be wandering by.”

Sounds like an ideal day to pop down to Canberra to view The History of the World in 100 Objects exhibition on loan to the National Museum of Australia from the British Museum.


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