Tourism matters

Phil_Winterton_CWp03A decision has been made to use the setting up of the new Destination NSW tourism networks as a catalyst to examine the best way for Council to go forward in supporting the local tourism industry.

While details are still sketchy, the motion passed was to set up ‘an advisory committee (possibly out of the Economic Development Committee) to explore how the new Destination Network may improve our strategic position and in doing so review our tourism structure and that a report come back to Council on the structure and objectives of the committee.’

“The EDC is the logical place to get this ball rolling,” says the Committee’s Chair Councillor Neil Reilly.  “Nearly all the major industry players are represented here… many people who understand that tourism is vital to our area and needs not only solid strategy, but effective and timely delivery.”

There was unanimous support for the need to get prepared for the new order.

“We need to have a cohesive body in Kiama to fight for our share of the funding,” says Councillor Mark Honey.

“Now is a good opportunity to bring people around the table,” says Councillor Gavin McClure.

According to Councillor O’Reilly, “It is a chance to have a look at how tourism is structured within the town and within Council and fine tune it accordingly.”



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