Meet the teams vying for your vote in September

Mark Way's Kiama Independents

Mark Way’s Kiama Independents

As campaigning begins in earnest, The Bugle will give news of the policies of the various groups looking for your vote this council election. This issue focuses on who has thrown their hat into the ring so far (see below).

There is an advantage in running a team ticket in a council election as it encourages people to Greens 2016 Team Photo Croppedvote above the line. In simple terms, once a quota of voters is reached for the first person on the ticket, a portion of the remaining vote flows down to the other members.

Mark Way proved to be an exception to the rule last election when he was elected running solo. This time he is running a team and hopes to get some of its members elected.

Wisdom has it that it is very hard to get more than two candidates elected from a ticket, but at least five are required for a group.






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