Celebrating our Seniors

With 27 per cent of Kiama LGA residents qualifying to call themselves ‘seniors’, fifty per cent more than the national figure, we’ve got a lot of people to celebrate in this year’s local Seniors Festival (formerly Seniors Week).

1557207_776161279108723_8251666475624326143_oWith the help of a $1000 grant from the State Government, the weekly Kiama Farmers’ Market is planning a number of special activities for seniors, including cooking demonstrations by James Reeson of the TV show Alive & Cooking,  free coffee from the Kiama Youth Centre and
the Brooding Italian, free pots of herbs from Burnetts on Barney, presentations and tastings by Slowfood Saddleback and live music.

They even have willing volunteers to help the ‘more senior’ seniors carry their shopping.

“The emphasis will be on the importance of including fresh produce in your diet, and also the benefits to mental health of getting out
and socialising,” says the Market’s manager, Tricia Ashelford.

“Many seniors already come down to our Market every Wednesday and tell us how much they look forward to it.”

Other activities offered by Council during the Festival, 1-10 April, include classes, a trip to Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club, motorcycle trike rides, a farmyard visiting Blue Haven, a BBQ lunch, a bike ride, a Pizza Brunch & Garden Tour at the Kiama Community Garden, entertainment and inter-town trivia competitions.

“The Seniors Festival is very much about celebrating our wonderful seniors and the positive contribution they make to our community.

“It is also about having fun, so I encourage everyone to participate in as many events as you can.”

Details: Special Seniors Kiama Farmers’ Market, Weds 6 April, 2-5pm.



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