Raising money for Cambodians

Jen at the auction

Jen at the auction

In September, the latest team of people will be going over to Cambodia to continue a tradition begun in 2006 when Gerringong and Kiama locals started building houses with Tabitha Cambodia.

Since 1994, Tabitha Cambodia has directly or indirectly reached millions of poor Cambo-dians, working with families through their high impact community development programs – savings, house building, cottage industry, water sources and schools.

Its fundraising arm, Tabitha Foundation Australia was established 14 years ago, and
has sent more than $11 million to Cambodia. Every dollar raised goes to Cambodia and is used directly for the purpose it was donated. All administrative costs are met by the directors and Tabitha Cambodia is funded by its cottage industry program so no donated funds are lost to administration.

The volunteers (29 in total, including 10 children between 11 and 17) not only have to fund their own trips, but raise the money needed to build the houses. Each house costs $1700. The 2016 team is planning to build more than twenty houses.

The group’s recent fundraiser at the Leagues Club raised over $10,000, well above expectations. “The people in this area are so generous, both in purchasing but also in donating items,” says the night’s organiser Jen Hines.

IMG_0006(1)She is going on the trip with her eleven year old son and her father. “I thought it was a good opportunity to show my son how people can live, what they make do with, and what they do without,” she says. “Kids in our society are generally very fortunate, and I think it is important to show that not everyone is as lucky as they are.  No doubt it will very eye-opening for me as well.”

She likes Tabitha because every dollar raised goes to the building, with no monetary losses to administration.  “In addition we work with the Cambodians, rather than trying to do it for them,” she explains.  “We don’t take the work from them.”

Details: For more information, or to donate, go to http://www.tabithaaustralia.org.au



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