No beer for Christmas

By now, Paul and Sue Beaupark of Kiama Brewing Co were hoping to have begun kiama brewing company final-p19sia9r5kaumag614po11k91oirbrewing their first batch of beer for sale over the Christmas holidays.

However, despite getting approval for their DA to convert a space at the back of
the bakery in Manning St to a craft brewery, the couple have decided not to proceed at that location.

“Unexpectedly, we were asked to remediate the old building to make it meet the fire code, even though it is more than three metres from other buildings,” explains Paul. “The extra expense of this on a site we only ever saw as a stepping stone just wasn’t worth it. It is just a shame that we weren’t made aware of this requirement earlier in the process.”

Undaunted, the Beauparks are still pursuing their dream of producing an all natural full malt artisan beer in Kiama. And this is where The Bugle’s rural readers might be able to help. “Ideally we are looking for a 12x6m shed we can rent from a farmer, preferably one with a view,” says Paul. “The larger space will allow us to develop into what we want to be.”

They have all the equipment they need, a master brewer at the ready, and are just looking for a home for it so they can get started.

If you think you might be able to help, contact them on 0400 233 333 or


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