Pop-up offers all week, all weather market

A building in Collins St that has lain vacant for five years is springing back to life as a home for emerging retailers.

“We are a co-operative supporting small businesses to transition into a shop environment without the costs and commitment a retail store requires,” says Emily Gough. “Our goal is to help them develop their businesses by giving them a permanent space rather than relying on markets.”

2015-07-15 12.25.27

Emily is finding a lot of support for the concept

With Di McQuade, she has rented the building, which will ultimately be developed, for an initial nine months. Each stallholder will have a three sq metre site, with sales being made from a central point along the lines of the big antique markets.

At time of writing, twelve of the sixteen spaces have been taken up, offering everything from homewares and fashion to lighting and vinyl
records. “There will be a good range of handmade items available, but it isn’t limited to that,” says Emily. “We feel it will give an extra dynamic to the shopping experience in Kiama.”

This initiative is different to the artists’ collective that we have reported Paula Gowans is behind. A number of artists have indicated their willingness to be involved, but they are still looking for a suitable studio space.

Details: From Sunday 19 July, the Kiama Pop-up Co-op will be open 10-4pm, seven days a week. Enquiries to popupcoopkiama@gmail.com or 0421 029 416



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