Kiama High celebrates NAIDOC Week

Kiama High is commemorating this year’s NAIDOC with a day of performances and activities designed to foster pride in, and understanding of, aboriginal culture and heritage.

A highlight is the completion of a new Dreaming Garden which has been placed at the heart of the School’s formal entrance area. Edible bush food from th2015-07-15 14.57.45e region has been planted around the Rainbow Serpent.

The NAIDOC Celebration Day on Friday 17 July has been designed to be the culmination of a whole week of aboriginal perspectives being incorporated into teaching.

The School’s new Aboriginal Education Worker, Kellie Evans, has had great support for her initiatives from the Acting Principal, John Salmon. “I have a very strong belief in the importance of supporting our indigenous students and giving all of our students an understanding of aboriginal culture and values,” he said.

Kellie believes deeply in working to change people’s negative stereotypes. “By sharing our culture we can make our students proud of their heritage,” she says.

The wider community was invited to be involved in the day.

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