Team pulls together in the worst of times

Jamberoo Superoos Division 1 Ladies team

In our 31 October issue, we mentioned in passing the Jamberoo Superoos Division 1 Ladies team won the Rugby League Regional Championship, beating the Ulladulla-Milton Bulldogs 10-6.

The story behind that victory deserves to be told and honoured, as the women battled on and found comfort and strength together during a tragic time.

“We had three suicides linked to the girls in three weeks, including one of their team members,” says the President of the Club, Trevor Dallas.

“It was a tough time for all of them, especially the special lady that lost her partner, but they all rallied and the support was sensational.

“It was tough for everyone in the club, but particularly for the girls.”

He says there was never any suggestion that the team should withdraw from the competition.

“They wanted to stay together and be part of the team to look after each other.

“The shared experience has made them that much closer.”

A private wellness page was created as a way for team members to release their inner most feelings.

“It gave them an opportunity to get things out of their system,” says Trevor.

“It is hard to talk to people, so this was a release valve for them.”

When the first death happened, the club put her name on every jersey. By the time of their annual charity day, there were three names on the fundraising jerseys.

One was that of a local sponsor, who was very supportive of women’s sports.

“Renata was there for everyone, despite what she was going through herself,” says Trevor.

All money raised on the day went to Man Walk, a locally founded mens’ mental health initiative.

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