Michael wins Nuffield Scholarship

Local sheep’s milk cheesemaker Michael Cains, of Pecora Dairy, has been won one of the prestigious Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships for 2021.

The $30,000 bursary, supported by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation, will enable him to, amongst other things, undertake a global study program to research the benefits of raw milk cheese production for the dairy industry, investigating best-practice approaches to production and looking at its position within the mature cheese market.

“Everyone who does one of these scholarships says it changes their lives, both professionally and personally,” says Michael.

When circumstances allow,he plans to visit farms producing raw milk cheese in the UK, Europe, the US and Canada.

“I want to look at how farmhouse cheesemakers around the world are bringing the best of their farm into their fantastic raw milk cheeses, so they reflect the whole season and environment.

“I’ll be able to come back with a big cache of knowledge to help us and others fast track the development of cheeses like this in Australia.”
He is also really looking forward to being drawn into the strong Nuffield network of current scholars and alumni.

“It is going to be a period full of learning and sharing with some amazing people.”

“For 70 years, Nuffield Australia has remained committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality and valuable scholarship programs that drive industry leadership, particularly through periods of adaptation and change,” said the CEO of Nuffield Australia, Jodie Redcliffe when the 20 scholarship winners were announced.

“Scholars will gain access to world-wide and world-class producers, agribusinesses and research institutions to conduct valuable research, that will drive change and innovation within Australia’s agricultural industries.”

Michael and his wife Cressida have previously won a Delicious Awards scholarship to France; and earlier this year, Cressida won the NSW Rural Women’s Award for 2020, with a $10,000 bursary to create Dairy Cocoon, an online platform and support network to help dairy farmers to create their own branded products and create a secure and profitable long term future.

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