Parishioners take to drive-in service

Following the success of its first drive-in service at the beginning of June, Gerringong Uniting Church got an even bigger turnout for its July service.

“We hope this is the last one that we’ll have to hold, as they take a bit of organising, but it all depends on how the easing of COVID restrictions go,” says Reverend Peter Chapman.

“At the moment we can only fit forty people into our hall for each of our two Sunday services, which isn’t enough for everyone to come.”

In addition to uploading pre-recorded services onto YouTube each week for viewing online, the idea of giving people a monthly opportunity to gather together in the safety of their own cars sprang from an offer from a congregation member.

“He has a lot of experience in local radio, and offered to broadcast the service on a low frequency FM band.

“People really took to the idea, as it gave them a chance to get out of the house and get together with their friends.”

Rev Chapman says it has been a bit strange being disconnected from his flock as they sit in their cars.

“Some of them have taken to beeping Amen, which is one way to create interaction.”

Other local churches, including Jamberoo Anglican Church, have been hosting online meetings for parishioners.

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