Preparing to tell Gerringong’s story

The Gerringong & District Historical Society President, Helen McDermott, wants to thank a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers for helping to prepare objects chosen for display in the new Museum complex.

“We’ve had all of our collection in boxes since we moved out of the old museum, and a curator has gone through it all to plan what subset will be on display when we first open in the restored School of Arts,” she says.

“We’ve also had a museum designer work on the project. Forty years after we first put it together, it is going to look really different.

“Displays are going to be on purpose built furniture rather than trestle tables.”

Some bigger, more complex physical items (such as trolley wheels used at the jetty at Boat Harbour) still have to be worked on.

“It is not to restore them to the original, but to preserve them to the best condition possible,” says Helen.

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However the next big role for volunteers is to help put the digital elements of the exhibition together.

“All the photos have to be uploaded to the Library site, and the oral histories we’ve done need to be reviewed, uploaded and have pictures matched to them,” says Helen.

“Information for touch screens on sporting stories and community celebrations also need to be put together.

“If people have skills in these areas and would like to help, we’d love to hear from them.”

The Library/Museum complex is expected to be ready for handover late August, early September, with an opening date still to be determined.

“There is also going to be a lot to be done then to set up the displays and the technology,” says Helen.

Volunteers should contact Helen on 0417 606 116 or via

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