Hands off our plants: Kiama Lions Club

Ian Chellew, with fellow Lion gardeners

Kiama Lions Club members who tend the Kiama Lions Park in Collins St are very disappointed that one of the camelia bushes they planted to mark their club’s 50th year has been stolen.

“It isn’t the first time that new plantings have disappeared from the site, but this one is particularly disappointing,” says Ian Chellew, a Lion who regularly donates his time and experience as a horticulturalist to the Park.

At great expense in terms of their small budget, the Club planted three advanced camelias – a new species called Volunteer.

“We are hoping to replace this plant and trust that it can be enjoyed by all the residents of Kiama,” says Ian.

“We wanted to publicise the theft to get people to be on the lookout to help prevent further losses.

“Our members all wear Lions Club uniforms when working in the garden, so that should help.

“Please call Crimestoppers if you note anything unusual.”

The park was established by Lions members over 25 years ago and is solely maintained on a regularly, usually weekly basis, by a band of dedicated members.

“It is a haven for those who want to rest,watch the trains and possibly partake in a coffee break while enjoying the plants growing there,” says Ian.

“It is visited by the many day tourists and holiday makers as well as locals who have passed on many favourable comments on the beauty and the serenity away from the hustle and bustle of central Kiama.”

The gardening, lawn mowing, planting, pruning and fertilizing is done by the Lions Club members using their own equipment, with no other income apart from that produced from the monthly maintenance of the Bureau of Meteorology site at the Quarry area.

The Park runs along the side of the railway from Collins St, through to Collins Lane.

“If you haven’t stopped by yet, we’d love you to do so,” says Ian.

The intersection where the Park is located, on the corner of Collins St and Bellevue St, was highlighted in the final report of the Town Centre Study as a perfect location for a gateway
entrance into the town.

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