Gerringong Library and Museum powering ahead

The School of Arts building is being restored to house the museum

Gerringong’s Museum and Library complex is taking shape, with the building work expected to be finished at the end of July.

“We had a bit of a delay with the rain, but noone is complaining about that,” says Kiama’s Head Librarian, Michelle Hudson.

“All of the roofing work should be finished in the next couple of weeks, and then the other trades will move in.

“It was wonderful to inspect the project recently and get my first feel for the space.

“When you think of what we have now in Gerringong in the Town Hall – this is just going to be fabulous.”

The Library and the Historical Society are working hard on their preparations so that when the building is ready they can begin moving.

“We’re getting new stock for the library, and that is already beginning to come through,” says Ms Hudson.

“There is lots to do, but it is all very exciting.”

On another front, Ms Hudson wants to remind people – if they aren’t taking advantage of it already – that the Library has great online resources for when you are self-isolating.

“We have a number of platforms on our website, including BorrowBox and RBDigital.

“They are really easy to use, but if people have any problems we can talk them through it on the phone.”

At the moment, the Kiama Readers Festival in July is still on.

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