Reprieve from demolition

An Interim Heritage Order has been obtained for 47 Thomson Street, Kiama, to allow the heritage value of the property to be properly assessed.

This will defer any future deliberation of its development (a DA is in for the construction of 12 units) until such time as Council is fully informed of its heritage significance.

Prior to the motion for the order to be obtained, it was the staff recommendation for the DA to be approved.

In our May 4 2019 issue, the President of the Kiama & District Historical Association, Sue Eggins, expressed her concern about the time it was taking to get properties identified in a heritage study in 2000 recognised in Kiama’s Local Environment Plan (LEP).

“A full heritage study is budgeted for to be done this year,” says General Manager Kerry McMurray.

The heritage study will look at whether other properties should be protected by a listing in the LEP.

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