Update on fire centre operations for this weekend

Our apologies for misinterpreting information from Council and saying the RFS was setting up a Local Emergency Operations Centre here on Saturday to monitor conditions, and coordinate operations. This is not the case.  Here is the real situation in the words of the Jamberoo RFS:

We understand there was an article in The Bugle today stating that an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was being opened in Kiama on Saturday.

This is incorrect.

The Fire Control Centre at Albion Park (which is the Local EOC) will be manned on Saturday as is standard practice. There will be more staff and volunteers there and at stations across the Illawarra including at Jamberoo, in readiness should a new fire start in our area. This has happened numerous times before this season and is not in any way extraordinary, especially in the current conditions. The Fire Control Centre is normally manned on any day when the FDI is above Very High.

This is NOT a reflection of any known risk other than that normally associated with increased FDI ratings.

There are currently NO fires in the Illawarra.

We are very aware of the potential for the Currawan Fire to the South of us and indeed the Green Wattle Fire to the West to spread and impact our area at some point in the future. That is NOT imminent at the moment.

Should we feel the community is at risk there will be plenty of information made available including the possibility of a community meeting. There are no plans to hold one yet as there are no specific concerns at this point.

Having said all that, any fire is very unpredictable in Extreme fire conditions such as those we have on Saturday. So you should be prepared.

🔥you should enact your Bushfire Survival Plan

🔥if your plan is to leave (and in most cases it should be) you need to leave early.

🔥keep up to date with information.

🔥Visit the RFS website: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

🔥Download the Fires Near Me app for your smartphone.

🔥Call the Bushfire Information Line
on 1800 679 737

🔥listen to ABC Illawarra as they are the emergency broadcaster.

DO NOT RELY ON THIS FACEBOOK PAGE FOR INFORMATION. It is not updated regularly especially when we are busy.

With regard to evacuation points or community safer places. There are NO official places in Jamberoo.
There have been suggestions that the Bowlo (Club Jamberoo) and the RFS station in Young St would be suitable and in general that would be right.

However, fires react differently and they may not be suitable in all circumstances.

The advice must be to follow all advice given to you by the Fire or Police officers on the ground or given out via the OFFICIAL channels at the time.

We have spent a lot of time fighting fires around the state and can confirm the fires this year more than ever, are very unpredictable and very dynamic. The best part of what we have experienced is the way all communities have followed the advice quickly and without question. This has made a huge difference and has undoubtedly saved lives.

That is the best advice we can give at the moment.

We will update you as and when it is appropriate, but please know we are working hard to protect this wonderful village and will continue to do so over the next days, weeks and months.

Thank you again for your support.


As part of Council’s preparations for this weekend, they have closed the following locations:

  • Jamberoo Mountain and Saddleback Mountain lookouts
  • Coastal Walking Track between Loves Bay and Werri Beach
  • Jerrara Dam
  • Spring Creek Wetlands
  • Bonaira Native Gardens
  • Kevin Walsh Oval camp ground at Jamberoo.

Kiama, Wollongong and Shellharbour councils have joined forces to help Shoalhaven City Council, sending generators, earthmoving equipment and garbage trucks to assist.

Council is encouraging those who want to help to donate money (rather than clothes or blankets) to the RFS or Red Cross:



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