No CCTV coverage for Jones Beach shops

Despite advocacy by Councillor Mark Way, the November Council meeting endorsed the staff recommendation not to pursue installing a CCTV system to monitor the area around the Jones Beach shops.

“I’m worried for the people who work in the shops,” he said.

The report to Council said that while there was a perception of crime, particularly in the car park area, that was not back up by crime statistics.

These show that over the last five years, apart from the one robbery incident (where a weapon was used), the area around the shops has a very low crime rate.

This did not justify the investment that would be needed to provide standalone CCTV coverage for the whole area.

Quotes for monitoring the shop side of the street were a minimum of $70,000.

A survey of shopholders showed that only half were interested in a subsidy model to upgrade or implement their own CCTV systems.

Most respondents identified that, in their opinion, the majority of crime occurs in the public car park area. Therefore if a system were to be installed it would need to fully cover the public car park area, not just the areas in front of the shops.

“I’m at a loss to see the justification for this expenditure,” said Deputy Mayor Andrew Sloan when Cllr Way put a motion to try and apply for grant funds to cover the $70,000.

“The crime statistics just don’t warrant it.”

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