Warning signs upgraded

Following representations from residents and community organisations in May, boating safety signage has been renewed and improved at the mouth of Crooked River, Gerroa.

Long popular with swimmers and surfers, the river mouth is also an official charted launching and retrieval facility for boats.

Natt Keene, of the Gerringong Hotel Fishing Club and holder of a Coxswain’s Grade 2 licence for commercial vessel operations, was very concerned about safety risks at this spot when vessels are being launched in close proximity to the general public and commercial surf schools.

Those sentiments were echoed by Jay Ruming, Boating Safety Officer with RMS.

Together, Natt and Jay both coordinated the design, construction and installation of the new sign. It was manufactured and installed by Gerringong’s Sea Marine and Dive Services (SMADS) and funded by the RMS.

As well as upgrading the old sign, it is proposed that additional signage should be installed at the foot bridge and the boat ramp to cover all access points to the area. This will be done at a later date.

“The inherent dangers of mixing a vessel launching facility with other beach users was highlighted during the surf school Developments Application assessments earlier this year,” says Stephen Brazier, local resident and member of the Gerroa Community Assoc.

“These risks were recognised by Council in the new consent conditions which exclude surf school operators from this area during the busy part of the year.”

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